Hieronder staat een Lijst van Droid modellen uit Star Wars: Rebels. De tabel is sorteerbaar op model, functie, fabrikant en debuut. Individuele droids zijn opgenomen in de tabel van personages.


2-1B Surgical DroidMedical DroidGeentech Corporation (IA)
3PO Protocol DroidProtocol DroidCybot Galactica1.01 Droids in Distress
9D9-s54 Dianoga Spy DroidSpy DroidImperial Department for Military ResearchPilot Siege of Lothal
B1 Battle DroidBattle DroidBaktoid Armor Workshop3.05 The Last Battle
C1 Astromech DroidAstromech DroidIndustrial Automatonpilot Spark of Rebellion
Destroyer DroidBattle DroidColicoid Creation Nest3.05 The Last Battle
E-XD Infiltrator DroidDroidInfiltrator Droid3.05 The Last Battle
ID9 Seeker DroidSeeker
IG-RM Thug DroidBattle DroidHolowan Laboratoriespilot Spark of Rebellion
Lothal Astromech DroidAstromech DroidLothal Logistics Limitedpilot Spark of Rebellion
Power DroidPower DroidVeril Line Systems2.06 Blood Sisters
R2 Astromech DroidAstromech DroidIndustrial Automaton1.01 Droids in Distress
R4 Astromech DroidAstromech DroidIndustrial Automaton1.10 Vision of Hope
RQ Protocol DroidProtocol DroidLothal Logistics Limited1.01 Droids in Distress
RX Pilot DroidPilot DroidIndustrial Automaton1.01 Droids in Distress
Super Tactical DroidBattle DroidTactical Battle Droid3.05 The Last Battle
T-Series Tactical DroidTactical DroidBaktoid Combat Automata2.01 The Lost Commanders
Viper Probe DroidProbe DroidArakyd Industries1.11 Call to Action

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