Hieronder staat een Lijst van Personages uit Rebels, namelijk uit Star Wars: Rebels. De tabel is sorteerbaar op naam, species, functie of debuut.


Naam Species Functie Debuut
3-6Mens (M)Death Trooper4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
3-9Mens (M)Imperial Cyborg3.18 Double Agent Droid
Ahsoka TanoTogruta (V)Rebel Commander1.13 Fire Across the Galaxy
AloraMens (V)Force Sensitive baby2.08 The Future of the Force
Alrich WrenMens (M)Mandalorian4.01 pilot Heroes of Mandalore
Alton KastleMens (M)Imperial Announcer1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Amda WaboAqualish (M)Wapenproducent1.01 Droids in Distress
AP-5Droid (M)Inventory Droid2.18 The Forgotten Droid
Argin RelikMens (M)Imperial Instructor3.03 The Antilles Extraction
Arihnda PryceMens (V)Imperial Governor1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
AzmoriganJablogian (M)Crime Lord1.09 Idiot's Array
B1-268B1 Battle Droid (M)Battle Droid3.05 The Last Battle
Bail OrganaMens (M)Viceroy van Alderaan1.01 Droids in Distress
BenthicTognath (M)PartisansSeizoen 4
BG-81R2 Astromech Droid (M)Astromech Droid2.05 Wings of the Master
BN-749Mens (M)Stormtrooper1.12 Rebel Resolve
Bo-Katan KryzeMens (V)MandalorianSeizoen 4
Brom TitusMens (M)Imperial Admiral2.07 Stealth Strike
BrunsonMens (V)Imperial Captain3.12 pilot Ghosts of Geonosis
C1-10PC1 Astromech Droid (M)Astromech Droid1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
C-3PO3PO Protocol Droid (M)Protocol Droid1.01 Droids in Distress
Cham SyndullaTwi'lek (M)Twi'lek Rebellenleider2.14 Homecoming
ChavaLasat (V)2.12 Legends of the Lasat
Cikatro VizagoDevaronian (M)Crimelord1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
CleatMens (V)Rebel Alliance piloot4.09 Rebel Assault
Controller LT-319Mens (M)Imperial Cyborg3.18 Double Agent Droid
Cumberlayne AreskoMens (M)Imperial Commandant1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
DarjaMens (V)Oma van Alora2.08 The Future of the Force
Darth SidiousMens (M)Sith Lord1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Darth VaderMens (M)Sith Lord1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion (ABC)
DaughterForce Wielder (V)Force Wielder4.12 Wolves and a Door
DicerMens (V)Rebellenpiloot2.19 The Mystery of Chopper Base
Dhara LeonisMens (V)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
DT-F16Mens (V)Death Trooper4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
DT-L21Mens (M)Death Trooper4.05 The Occupation
DukeMens (M)Rebel Alliance piloot4.09 Rebel Assault
DumeLoth-Wolf (M)Spirit Guide4.11 DUME
Eesh FahmMens (M)Mijnwerker2.05 Wings of the Master
Erskin SemajMens (M)Senatorial Aide3.17 Secret Cargo
Dev MorganMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
EG-86Power DroidPower Droid2.07 Blood Sisters
Eighth BrotherTerrelian Jango Jumper (M)Inquisitorius2.20 Twilight of the Apprentice
Ephraim BridgerMens (M)Burger1.06 Empire Day
EXD-9Droid (M)Imperial Infiltrator Droid3.13 Warhead
Ezra BridgerMens (M)Straatjongen1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
FatherForce Wielder (M)Force Wielder4.12 Wolves and a Door
Fenn RauMens (M)Protector of Concord Dawn2.11 The Protector of Concord Dawn
Fifth BrotherOnbekend (M)Inquisitorius2.02 Relics of the Old Republic
FulcrumVarieertRebel Agent1.05 Out of Darkness
Gall TrayvisMens (M)Imperial Senator1.03 Rise of the Old Masters
Gar SaxonMens (M)Imperial Viceroy van Mandalore3.07 Imperial Supercommandoes
Garazeb OrreliosLasat (M)Voormalig Lasan Honor Guard1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
GilesMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
Gobi GlieTwi'lek (M)Twi'lek Resistance2.14 Homecoming
Gooti TerezTheelin (V)Opstandelinge3.08 Iron Squadron
GregorMens (M)Ex-Clone Commando2.01 The Lost Commanders
GronLasat (M)Ex-Lasan Honor Guard2.12 Legends of the Lasat
HarkMens (M)Mandalorian4.01 pilot Heroes of Mandalore
Hera SyndullaTwi'lek (V)Piloot1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
HobbieMens (M)Rebel Pilot3.03 The Antilles Extraction
Hondo OhnakaWeequay (M)Piraat2.05 Brothers of the Broken Horn
InquisitorPau'an (M)Inquisitorius1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Jacen SyndullaMens-Twi'lek (M)Spectre 74.16 Family Reunion & Farewell
Jai KellMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
Jan DodonnaMens (M)Rebel General3.00 Steps Into Shadow
Jon VanderMens (M)Rebel Gold Leader3.17 Secret Cargo
Jonner JinMens (M)Opstandeling3.08 Iron Squadron
Jun SatoMens (M)Rebel Commander2.00 pilot The Siege of Lothal
KalaniDroid (M)Super Tactical Droid3.05 The Last Battle
KallusMens (M)ISB Agent1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Kanan JarrusMens (M)Ex-Padawan1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Kassius KonstantineMens (M)Imperial Admiral1.07 Gathering Forces
Ketsu OnyoMens (V)Bounty Hunter2.07 Blood Sisters
KitwarrWookiee (M)1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Klik-KlakGeonosian (M)Geonosian overlever3.11 & 3.12 pilot Ghosts of Geonosis
Lando CalrissianMens (M)Entrepreneur1.09 Idiot's Array
Leia OrganaMens (V)Imperial Senator2.11 A Princess on Lothal
LS-21Mens (M)TIE Pilot4.07 Kindred
LS-412Mens (M)Scout Trooper4.12 Wolves and a Door
LS-515Mens (M)Scout Trooper4.12 Wolves and a Door
LS-717Mens (M)Stormtrooper4.09 Rebel Assault
Luminara UnduliMirialan (V)Jedi Master1.03 Rise of the Old Masters
Maketh TuaMens (V)Imperial Minister1.01 Droids in Distress
Marida SumarMens (V)Landbouwer1.02 Fighter Flight
Mart MattinMens (M)Opstandeling3.08 Iron Squadron
MaulZabrak (M)Ex-Sith2.20 Twilight of the Apprentice
MelchUgnaught (M)Arbeider3.01 pilot Steps Into Shadow
Mich MattIshi Tib (M)Technieker4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
Mira BridgerMens (V)Burger1.06 Empire Day
Mon MothmaMens (V)Rebel Alliance Chief of State
Morad SumarMens (M)Landbouwer1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
MoraiConvor (M)Spirit Guide2.20 The Mystery of Chopper Base
Myles GrintMens (M)Imperial Taskmaster1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Nazhros OlegMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
NumaTwi'lek (V)Twi'lek Resistance2.14 Homecoming
Obi-Wan KenobiMens (M)Jedi Master1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Old JhoIthorian (M)Cantina en Docking Bay eigenaar1.06 Empire Day
OoraIthorian (V)Moeder van Pypey2.08 The Future of the Force
PellaeonMens (M)Imperial Captain4.16 Family Reunion & Farewell
ProachTrandoshan (M)Mining Guild Slavenmeester4.08 Crawler Commandeers
PypeyIthorian (M)Force Sensitive baby2.08 The Future of the Force
PZ-7Droid (V)Inventory Droid3.18 Double Agent Droid
QuarrieMon Calamari (M)Ingenieur2.05 Wings of the Master
R2-D2R2 Astromech Droid (M)Astromech Droid1.01 Droids in Distress
R4-264R4 Astromech Droid (M)Astromech Droid1.12 Rebel Resolve
R4-C2R4 Astromech DroidAstromech Droid4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
RakeMens (M)Imperial Cadet deserteur3.03 The Antilles Extraction
RexMens (M)Ex-Clone Trooper2.01 The Lost Commanders
RukhNoghri (M)Thrawns Lijfwacht4.07 Kindred
RX-24RX Pilot Droid (M)Pilot Droid1.01 Droids in Distress
Ryder AzadiMens (M)Ex-Gouverneur2.10 Legacy
Sabine WrenMens (V)Mandalorian1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Saw GerreraMens (M)Rebel Alliance verzetsstrijder3.11 & 3.12 pilot Ghosts of Geonosis
Secon DareeLutrillian (L)Rebel Alliance piloot4.09 Rebel Assault
SeevorTrandoshan (M)Mining Guild Captain4.08 Crawler Commandeers
Seventh SisterMirialan (V)Inquisitorius2.03 Always Two There Are
SlavinMens (M)Imperial Captain3.04 Hera's Heroes
SonForce Wielder (M)Force Wielder4.12 Wolves and a Door
Steela GerreraMens (V)Onderon verzetsstrijdster3.12 pilot Ghosts of Geonosis
Tar VizslaMens (M)Jedi Knight3.14 Trials of the Darksaber
TerbaUgnaught (M)Arbeider3.01 Steps Into Shadow
The BenduOnbekend (M)Force Wielder3.01 Steps Into Shadow
ThrawnChiss (M)Imperial Grand Admiral3.01 Steps Into Shadow
Tiber SaxonMens (M)Mandalorian Governor4.01 pilot Heroes of Mandalore
TojnunMens (M)Mandalorian Kunstenaar4.01 pilot Heroes of Mandalore
Tristan WrenMens (M)Mandalorian3.15 Legacy of Mandalore
TseeboRodian (M)Cyborg Technicus1.06 Empire Day
TsokloRodian (M)Fabrieksarbeider1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
TysonMens (M)Rebellenpiloot3.17 Secret Cargo
Ryder AzadiMens (M)Ex-Gouverneur2.10 Legacy
Ursa WrenMens (V)Mandalorian3.15 Legacy of Mandalore
UzallMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks
Valon RudhorMens (M)Imperial TIE Pilot1.02 Fighter Flight
VauxMens (M)Rebel2.07 Blood Sisters
Veris HydanMens (M)Imperial Advisor4.12 Wolves and a Door
Vult SkerrisMens (M)Imperial Pilot Ace3.03 The Antilles Extraction
W1-LERQ Protocol Droid (M)Protocol Droid2.00 pilot The Siege of Lothal
Wedge AntillesMens (M)Rebel Pilot3.03 The Antilles Extraction
WellsMens (M)Imperial Pilot4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
Wilhuff TarkinMens (M)Grand Moff1.11 Call to Action
WoldarMens (M)Imperial Commander3.20 Zero Hour
WolffeMens (M)Ex-Clone Trooper2.01 The Lost Commanders
Wullf YularenMens (M)Imperial ISB Colonel3.16 Through Imperial Eyes
WullffwarroWookiee (M)Wookiee leider1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
YodaOnbekend (M)Jedi Master1.08 Path of the Jedi
YoffarGotal (M)Fruitverkoper1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
Yogar LysteMens (M)Imperial Supply Master1.00 pilot Spark of Rebellion
YushynOnbekend (M)Mining Guild Boss2.13 The Call
Zare LeonisMens (M)Imperial Cadet1.04 Breaking Ranks

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