Hieronder staat een Lijst van Voertuigen uit Rebels, namelijk uit Star Wars: Rebels. De tabel is sorteerbaar op model, klasse, fabrikant en debuut. Ook is er een tabel opgenomen op deze pagina met daarin namen van schepen.


614-AvA Speeder BikeSpeeder BikeAratech Repulsor Companypilot Spark of Rebellion
ARC-170 StarfighterStarfighterIncom Corporation1.05 Out of Darkness
Arquitens-class Light CruiserCruiserKuat Drive Yards1.12 Rebel Resolve
Aurore-class FreighterFreighterOnbekend3.01 Steps Into Shadow
AT-AT WalkerWalkerKuat Drive Yards1.06 Empire Day
AT-DP WalkerWalkerKuat Drive Yardspilot Spark of Rebellion
Auzituck Anti-Slaver GunshipGunshipAppazanna Engineering Workspilot Spark of Rebellion
Blade WingStarfighterQuarrie2.05 Wings of the Master
Corellian Shuttle FighterShuttleCorellian Engineering Corporationpilot Spark of Rebellion
C-ROC Gozanti-class CruiserTransportCorellian Engineering Corporationpilot Spark of Rebellion
CR90 CorvetteCorvetteCorellian Engineering Corporation1.03 Droids in Distress
Dornean GunshipGunshipDornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate3.20 Zero Hour
Flash SpeederLandspeederSoroSuub Corporation2.08 The Future of the Force
GR-75 Medium TransportTransportGallofree Yards3.03 The Antilles Extraction
GX1 Short HaulerTransportLantillian ShipWrights2.06 Blood Sisters
Hammerhead-class CorvetteCorvette2.11 A Princess on Lothal
Haven-class Medical StationSpace StationVenteX Construction Yards2.03 Always Two There Are
Imperial-class Star DestroyerStar DestroyerKuat Drive Yardspilot Spark of Rebellion
Imperial Gozanti-class CruiserTransportCorellian Engineering Corporationpilot Spark of Rebellion
Imperial Listener Ship3.18 Double Agent Droid
Imperial Troop TransportRepulsor TankUbrikkian Industries1.02 Fighter Flight
Interdictor-class CruiserCruiserSienar Fleet Systems2.07 Stealth Strike
Joben T-85 Speeder BikeSpeeder BikeZebulon Dak Speeder Corporation1.11 Idiot's Array
Kom'rk-class Fighter/TransportTransportMandalMotors2.12 The Protector of Concord Dawn
LAAT/i GunshipGunshipRothana Heavy Engineering1.05 Out of Darkness
Lancer-class Pursuit CraftTransportOnbekend2.06 Blood Sisters
MC80 Star CruiserCruiserMon Calamari Shipyards3.17 Secret Cargo
Mining Guild TIE FighterStarfighterSienar Fleet Systems2.13 The Call
Nebulon-B Escort FrigateFrigateKuat Drive Yards3.17 Secret Cargo
Nu-class Attack ShuttleShuttleCygnus Spaceworks2.14 Homecoming
Pelta-class Medical FrigateFrigateKuat Drive YardsPiloot 2 The Siege of Lothal
Personal Luxury Yacht 3000YachtSoroSuub Corporation2.04 Brothers of the Broken Horn
Quasar Fire-class Bulk CruiserCruiserSoroSuub Corporation2.14 Homecoming
RGC-16 LandspeederLandspeederSoroSuub Corporationpilot Spark of Rebellion
RZ-1 A-Wing InterceptorStarfighterKuat Drive Yards2.01 The Siege of Lothal
RZ-1T A-Wing InterceptorStarfighterKuat Drive Yards3.02 The Holocrons of Fate
Sentinel-class Landing CraftShuttleCygnus Spaceworks1.07 Gathering Forces
Separatist Supply ShipTransportOnbekend3.05 The Last Battle
Seraph-class Urban LandspeederLandspeederSoroSuub Corporation3.4 Warhead
Sheathipede-class ShuttleShuttleHaor Chall Engineering3.05 The Last Battle
Star Commuter 2000ShuttleSacul Industries1.01 Droids in Distress
TIE Advanced v1StarfighterSienar Fleet Systems1.06 Empire Day
TIE BomberStarfighterSienar Fleet Systems1.06 Empire Day
TIE DefenderStarfighterSienar Fleet Systems3.09 An Inside Man
TIE FighterStarfighterSienar Fleet SystemsPilot 1 Spark of Rebellion
TIE InterceptorStarfighterSienar Fleet Systems3.03 The Antilles Extraction
TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" Combat Assault TankTankRothana Heavy Engineering4.05 The Occupation
U-Wing StarfighterStarfighter / GunshipIncom Corporation4.04 In the Name of the Rebellion
Undicur-class JumpspeederJumpspeederKuat Vehicles1.11 Call to Action
V-35 Courier LandspeederLandspeederSoroSuub Corporation1.01 Droids in Distress
VCX-100 Light FreighterTransportCorellian Engineering Corporationpilot Spark of Rebellion
YT-2400 Stock Light FreighterTransportCorellian Engineering Corporation3.7 Iron Squadron
Y-Wing StarfighterStarfighterKoensayr3.01 Steps Into Shadow
X-Wing StarfighterStarfighterIncom Corporation


Broken HornC-ROC Gozanti-class CruiserCikatro Vizago1.07 Gathering Forces
Chandrila MistressTaylander ShuttleMon Mothma3.16 Secret Cargo
ChimaeraImperial-class Star DestroyerThrawn3.07 Iron Squadron
GhostVCX-100 Light FreighterHera Syndullapilot Spark of Rebellion
IGV-55Imperial Listener ShipGalactic Empire3.18 Double Agent Droid
Imperial Transport 625Imperial Gozanti-class CruiserGalactic Empirepilot Spark of Rebellion
LagosSentinel-class Landing CraftGalactic Empire1.12 Rebel Resolve
Last ChanceSentinel-class Landing CraftHondo Ohnaka3.08 The Wynkahthu Job
LawbringerImperial-class Star DestroyerKalluspilot Spark of Rebellion
LiberatorCR90 CorvettePhoenix Rebel Cell2.01 The Siege of Lothal
LightmakerHammerhead-class CorvetteBail Organa2.10 A Princess on Lothal
Merchant OneC-ROC Gozanti-class CruiserAzmorigan1.09 Idiot's Array
NightbrotherKom'rk-class Fighter/Transport MandalMotors3.02 The Holocrons of Fate
PhantomCorellian Shuttle FighterHera Syndullapilot Spark of Rebellion
Phantom IISheathipede-class ShuttleCIS & Specter Cell3.05 The Last Battle
Phoenix HomePelta-class FrigatePhoenix Rebel Cell2.01 The Siege of Lothal
Phoenix HomeQuasar Fire-class Bulk CruiserSoroSuub Corporation2.14 Homecoming
OrionDornean GunshipRebel Alliance3.20 Zero Hour
RelentlessImperial-class Star DestroyerKallus1.07 Gathering Forces
S257Sentinel-class Landing CraftGalactic Empire2.08 Stealth Strike
Sato's HammerYT-2400 Stock Light FreighterIron Squadron3.08 Iron Squadron
Shadow CasterLancer-class Pursuit CraftKetsu Onyo2.07 Blood Sisters
Shuttle 3765GX1 Short HaulerShuttle2.07 Blood Sisters
SovereignImperial-class Star DestroyerWilhuff Tarkin1.12 Rebel Resolve
TellstarArquitens-class Light CruiserGalactic Empire1.12 Rebel Resolve
VanguardNebulon-B Escort FrigateJan Dodonna3.20 Zero Hour

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