Star Wars Miniatures: Alliance and Empire

Wizards of the Coast




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Han Solo on Tauntaun


Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force


Darth Vader, Imperial Commander


Ephant Mon


Jawa on Ronto

Quote: "Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga with this collection of miniatures inspired by the original Star Wars film. From the landmark films to the computer games and the novels, this set pits the Rebellion against the Empire in battles to decide the fate of the galaxy."
-- Wizards of the Coast

Alliance and Empire is de zevende set van Star Wars Miniatures, een uitbreidingsset van 60 minaturen die het 30-jarig bestaan van Star Wars viert. De meeste miniaturen komen uit de Original Trilogy, en de set heeft vierkant bases met "Star Wars" erop geschreven.



  • 7 Random standaard figuren


01/60Quinlan Vos, InfiltratorGalactic RepublicVery Rare
02/60Aurra Sing, Jedi HunterSeparatistsVery Rare
03/60Biggs DarklighterRebel AllianceVery Rare
04/60Chewbacca, Enranged WookieeRebel AllianceRare
05/60C-3PO and R2-D2Rebel AllianceRare
06/60Elite Hoth TrooperRebel AllianceCommon
07/60Han Solo, RogueRebel AllianceRare
08/60Han Solo in Stormtrooper ArmorRebel AllianceRare
09/60Han Solo on TauntaunRebel AllianceVery Rare
10/60Ithorian CommanderRebel AllianceUncommon
11/60Luke Skywalker, Champion of the ForceRebel AllianceVery Rare
12/60Luke Skywalker, Hero of YavinRebel AllianceRare
13/60Luke's LandspeederRebel AllianceVery Rare
14/60Mon Calamari Tech SpecialistRebel AllianceCommon
15/60Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi SpiritRebel AllianceVery Rare
16/60Princess LeiaRebel AllianceRare
17/60Rebel CommandoRebel AllianceCommon
18/60Rebel Commando Strike LeaderRebel AllianceUncommon
19/60Rebel LeaderRebel AllianceUncommon
20/60Rebel PilotRebel AllianceCommon
21/60Rebel TrooperRebel AllianceUncommon
22/60Twi'lek Rebel AgentRebel AllianceUncommon
23/60Wookiee Freedom FighterRebel AllianceCommon
24/60Admiral PiettGalactic EmpireRare
25/60Darth Vader, Imperial CommanderGalactic EmpireVery Rare
26/60Death Star GunnerGalactic EmpireUncommon
27/60Death Star TrooperGalactic EmpireCommon
28/60Heavy StormtrooperGalactic EmpireUncommon
29/60Imperial Governor TarkinGalactic EmpireRare
30/60Imperial OfficerGalactic EmpireUncommon
31/60Scout TrooperGalactic EmpireUncommon
32/60SnowtrooperGalactic EmpireCommon
33/60Storm CommandoGalactic EmpireRare
34/60StormtrooperGalactic EmpireCommon
35/60Stormtrooper OfficerGalactic EmpireUncommon
36/60Stormtrooper on Repulsor SledGalactic EmpireVery Rare
37/60Mara Jade, JediNew RepublicRare
38/60Boba Fett, EnforcerFringeVery Rare
39/60Chadra-Fan PickpocketFringeUncommon
40/60Duros ExplorerFringeCommon
41/60Ephant MonFringeVery Rare
42/60Ewok Hang GliderFringeRare
43/60Ewok WarriorFringeCommon
44/60Gamorrean GuardFringeCommon
45/60Human Force AdeptFringeCommon
46/60Jabba, Crime LordFringeVery Rare
47/60Jawa on RontoFringeVery Rare
48/60Jawa TraderFringeUncommon
49/60Lando Calrissian, Dashing ScoundrelFringeRare
50/60Nikto SoldierFringeCommon
51/60Rampaging WampaFringeVery Rare
52/60Rodian ScoundrelFringeUncommon
53/60Snivvian FringerFringeCommon
54/60Talz SpyFringeUncommon
55/60Trandoshan MercenaryFringeUncommon
56/60Tusken RaiderFringeCommon
58/60Advance Agent, OfficerYuuzhan VongUncommon
59/60Advance ScoutYuuzhan VongCommon
60/60Yomin CarrYuuzhan VongRare

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