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Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force

Wizards of the Coast




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Deena Shan


Shado Vao


Cade Skywalker


Yuuzhan Vong Elite Warrior

Quote: "Featuring characters from the wildly popular Star Wars: Legacy comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, Del Rey's Legacy of the Force novels, and other favorite personalities from the Star Wars saga, the Legacy of the Force miniatures set allows you to stage memorable Expanded Universe battles or create new ones!"
-- Wizards of the Coast

Legacy of the Force is de tiende set die het Star Wars Miniatures spel van Wizards of the Coast met 60 miniaturen uitbreidt. De set is gedeeltelijk gebaseerd op de comics van Star Wars: Legacy, die zich ruim 100 jaar na de films afspelen en de avonturen van Cade Skywalker verhalen.



  • 7 Random figuren


01/60Nomi SunriderOld RepublicVery Rare
02/60Old Republic RecruitOld RepublicCommon
03/60Old Republic ScoutOld RepublicCommon
04/60Darth CaedusSith OrderVery Rare
05/60Darth KraytSith OrderVery Rare
06/60Darth NihlSith OrderVery Rare
07/60Darth TalonSith OrderVery Rare
08/60Lumiya, the Dark LadySith OrderRare
09/60Republic Commando Training SergeantGalactic RepublicUncommon
10/60Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark SideSeparatistsRare
11/60Bothan NobleRebel AllianceUncommon
12/60Deena ShanRebel AllianceRare
13/60Elite Rebel CommandoRebel AllianceUncommon
14/60General DodonnaRebel AllianceRare
15/60Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Light SideRebel AllianceRare
16/60Rebel Honor GuardRebel AllianceCommon
17/60Twi'lek ScoutRebel AllianceCommon
18/60Antares DracoGalactic EmpireRare
19/60Emperor Roan FelGalactic EmpireVery Rare
20/60Imperial KnightGalactic EmpireUncommon
21/60Imperial KnightGalactic EmpireUncommon
22/60Imperial PilotGalactic EmpireCommon
23/60Imperial Security OfficerGalactic EmpireUncommon
24/60Jagged FelGalactic EmpireRare
25/60Marasiah FelGalactic EmpireRare
26/60Moff Morlish VeedGalactic EmpireVery Rare
27/60Moff Nyna CalixteGalactic EmpireRare
28/60Noghri CommandoGalactic EmpireUncommon
29/60Shadow StormtrooperGalactic EmpireUncommon
30/60Corellian Security OfficerNew RepublicUncommon
31/60Galactic Alliance ScoutNew RepublicCommon
32/60Galactic Alliance TrooperNew RepublicCommon
33/60Han Solo, Galactic HeroNew RepublicRare
34/60Kyle Katarn, Jedi BattlemasterNew RepublicVery Rare
35/60Leia Organa Solo, Jedi KnightNew RepublicVery Rare
36/60Luke Skywalker, Force SpiritNew RepublicVery Rare
37/60Mara Jade SkywalkerNew RepublicVery Rare
38/60Shado VaoNew RepublicRare
39/60Wolf SazenNew RepublicVery Rare
40/60Cade Skywalker, Bounty HunterFringeVery Rare
41/60Deliah BlueFringeRare
42/60Dug FringerFringeUncommon
43/60Duros ScoundrelFringeCommon
44/60Gotal MercenaryFringeCommon
45/60Guard DroidFringeCommon
46/60Human BodyguardFringeCommon
47/60Human ScoundrelFringeCommon
48/60Human ScoutFringeCommon
49/60Jariah SynFringeRare
50/60Kel Dor Bounty HunterFringeCommon
51/60Rodian Blaster-for-HireFringeUncommon
52/60Trandoshan MercenaryFringeCommon
53/60Boba Fett, Mercenary CommanderMandalorianVery Rare
54/60Canderous OrdoMandalorianRare
55/60Mandalorian GunslingerMandalorianUncommon
56/60Mandalorian TrooperMandalorianUncommon
57/60Yuuzhan Vong Elite WarriorYuuzhan VongUncommon
58/60Yuuzhan Vong Jedi HunterYuuzhan VongUncommon
59/60Yuuzhan Vong ShaperYuuzhan VongUncommon
60/60Yuuzhan Vong WarriorYuuzhan VongCommon

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