Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars

Wizards of the Coast




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Quote: "Based on the action-packed TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will debuts as Star Wars Miniatures, with a new Starter Set and 40-figure booster set – both featuring unique characters from this hotly-anticipated new Star Wars property. Both the Starter Set and Booster Packs include iconic characters from the new Lucasfilm animated television series, Star Wars Clone Wars volumes I and II and the prequel trilogy of films. Collect Durge, Asajj Ventress, Captain Rex, and more!"
-- Wizards of the Coast

The Clone Wars is de twaalfde reeks van Star Wars Miniatures. Deze set is gebaseerd op de Star Wars: The Clone Wars film en TV-serie, en de oudere Clone Wars producten zoals de Star Wars: Clone Wars animatie-serie. Er is een nieuwe starter-set met 6 vaste figuren en de boosters hebben een nieuwe formaat doosje gekregen. Er zijn 40 figuren in deze uitbreiding.




  • 7 Random figuren



Yoda on Kybuck


General Grievous, Droid Army Commander


Trandoshan Scavenger

01/40Darth Sidious HologramSith OrderVery Rare
02/40Ahsoka TanoGalactic RepublicVery Rare
03/40Anakin Skywalker, Champion of NelvaanGalactic RepublicRare
04/40Anakin Skywalker on STAPGalactic RepublicVery Rare
05/40ARC Trooper SniperGalactic RepublicUncommon
06/40Barriss Offee, Jedi KnightGalactic RepublicRare
07/40Captain RexGalactic RepublicVery Rare
08/40Clone Trooper on GelagrubGalactic RepublicRare
09/40Commander GreeGalactic RepublicRare
10/40Elite Clone Trooper CommanderGalactic RepublicUncommon
11/40Elite Clone Trooper GrenadierGalactic RepublicCommon
12/40Galactic MarineGalactic RepublicUncommon
13/40General Aayla SecuraGalactic RepublicRare
14/40Heavy Clone TrooperGalactic RepublicCommon
15/40Mon Calamari KnightGalactic RepublicUncommon
16/40Odd BallGalactic RepublicRare
17/40Padmé Amidala, SenatorGalactic RepublicVery Rare
18/40Star Corps TrooperGalactic RepublicUncommon
19/40Wookiee ScoundrelGalactic RepublicCommon
20/40Yoda on KybuckGalactic RepublicVery Rare
21/40Battle DroidSeparatistsCommon
22/40Battle DroidSeparatistsCommon
23/40Battle Droid SniperSeparatistsUncommon
24/40Chameleon DroidSeparatistsRare
25/40Durge, Jedi HunterSeparatistsVery Rare
26/40General Grievous, Droid Army CommanderSeparatistsVery Rare
27/40Heavy Super Battle DroidSeparatistsCommon
28/40IG-100 MagnaGuardSeparatistsUncommon
29/40Neimoidian WarriorSeparatistsCommon
30/40Quarren IsolationistSeparatistsUncommon
31/40Rocket Battle DroidSeparatistsUncommon
32/40Super Battle DroidSeparatistsCommon
33/40Techno Union WarriorSeparatistsCommon
34/40Aqualish WarriorFringeCommon
35/40Gha NachktFringeRare
36/40Human Soldier of FortuneFringeCommon
37/40IG-86 Assassin DroidFringeUncommon
38/40Nelvaanian WarriorFringeUncommon
39/40Trandoshan ScavengerFringeUncommon
40/40Utapaun WarriorFringeCommon

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